About Us

Headquartered in Southern California, USA, Galaxy Oil was originally founded as an independent jobber that owned and operated its own Los Angeles based bulk fuel plant. The company expanded into retail by opening nine service stations anchored by C-Stores. During the next decade, the successful enterprise was acquired by a holding company and became a 'pawn' during the re-alignment of the retail-based petroleum industry via various mergers and acquisitions.

In 1998, Galaxy Oil was re-incorporated for the purpose of developing and operating N-Dealer (two-party) petroleum-based C-stores, inclusive of fast food QSR's and roll-over car washes.

In 2001, the company acquired its first test site, an ARCO franchise non-renewal that was upgraded and resold to the existing operator. A year later, Galaxy spearheaded a ground-up development in Cypress, California, a 21,000 square foot lot boasting six MPD's (12 fueling position) and a 2,200 sq.ft C-Store inclusive of a QSR - Subway franchise. The site also served as a pilot test bed for a municipal fueling program.

In 2004, Galaxy implemented a retail testing program using the fuel site and C-store to determine consumer awareness and acceptability of new products targeted for the C-Store market channel. That same year company president Jim Caiopoulos gained international recognition with an innovative marketing program that rolled back fuel prices to 1969 levels of $0.35 per gallon. Drivers reacting to the skyrocketing gas prices, waited in line as long as eight hours to buy gas. "Sometimes, you have to do something different to be recognized in the community," Caiopoulos was quoted by a local news reporter. "We were looking to grow the customer base and this seemed like an appropriate exercise for the time." Not only was the promotion successful, the return on investment was realized much earlier than expected. It also demonstrated to the 1200 member Petroleum Friendship Dealers Association that one of their key advisors was willing to communicate with action rather than just words.

Galaxy's client-centered and relationship-oriented reputation is unsurpassed and well-deserved.